Dashboard: Add Widgets

Does your dashboard look lonely? Kind of like this?

From time to time, you may want to see different items on your dashboard whether it is reporting information, upcoming or past due events, key metrics or even just a notepad to keep track of something that you don't want to forget. Here is how you add those items.
  • From your dashboard, click the drop-down "Add Widget"
    • There are many options in this list. Your list may also have additional items based on your organization and the reports they make available for all of their staff.
    • Click any of the widgets and you will see them show up on your dashboard.
    • Here is an example of a few dashboard items.
    • Here is a list of all of the standard widgets and their use.
      • History - A running log of everything going on in RepBox up to the minute.
      • Funnel - A funnel view of your opportunities based on their stage, sortable by users
      • UpcomingEvents - Log of the event scheduled for the near future on your calendar
      • Overdue Events - Log of the events that have passed that are not labeled as "Held"
      • Sales Pipeline - Chart of current opportunities not marked as sold or closed
      • Opportunities by Stage - Chart view of all opportunities by stage
      • Key Metrics - Based on list views within your opportunities or accounts that are checked as Key Metrics
      • Total Amount by Sales Stage - Chart view of opportunities by total dollar amount
      • Tag Cloud - A box of all tags in the system (a way to search for certain things)
      • Weekly Speedometer - Gauge chart showing a total count of leads, quotes or activities
      • Mini-List - Customizable mini list based off of list views within any of the main modules. By default, you can choose which module, which filter (Steve's Open Opps), and 2 available fields. You can have as many of these lists as you would like (probably cut you off around 99 total)
      • Notepad - A digital web notepad for your dashboard. You can choose the name and the content as well as how many you would like.

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