Outgoing Server

This feature helps you to configure Outgoing Server with SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) settings of your email server to manage sending out emails from RepBox.

Follow few simple steps to configure your Outgoing Server

  1. Click gear icon in the top right
  2. Click CRM Settings
  3. Click 'Other Settings' drop-down in the left
  4. Click Outgoing Server. You can click on the pin icon next to it to add a shortcut to your settings home page
  5. You can view default settings provided by RepBox. To modify, click Edit button in the top right
  6. Heads up!
    1. By default, the outgoing server is configured with RepBox settings. You can manage sending out emails with these settings. However, we will recommend you to configure Outgoing Server with your own SMTP settings.
    2. If you prefer to retain RepBox server as the outgoing server, we recommend you to configure your domain's SPF record to include the RepBox server as a valid sender for your domain.
    3. You can click on Reset to Default in edit view to populate default set of values provided by RepBox CRM

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